Honda Certified Used Terms and Conditions

A Honda Certified Used Car is originally a NZ New Honda, sold by Honda New Zealand Limited, and no older than 8 years with up to 100,000 kilometres travelled at the time of the sale. The 3 Year Certified Used Warranty expires 3 years after the date of sale or earlier if the vehicle is on sold to a new owner, as the Warranty is not transferrable.

The 3 Day Right of Exchange is valid only at the Honda Dealer where the vehicle was purchased and limited to the amount paid. For the vehicle to be exchanged it must be within 3 days of the sale date, travelled under 300km and be in the same condition as when purchased. Any transport costs involved in the 3 Day Right of Exchange are not included and are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

For the 3 Year Honda Certified Used Warranty to remain valid all vehicle servicing, maintenance and repairs must be in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and completed by an authorised Honda Service Agent of Honda New Zealand Limited.

Honda Certified Used Vehicles purchased for commercial, business, taxi or rental use will not be covered by this Warranty. Vehicle or parts wear and tear are not covered by this Warranty. The Honda Certified Used Warranty conditions apply. The Warranty conditions are detailed in Honda Certified Used Warranty Contract provided with the sales invoice at the time of sale.