Retail Prices & On Road Costs explained

Retail Price

We have made reference to different manfacturer retail price terms as detailed below. Pricing listed on this website is subject to change and is correct at time of posting. Unfortunately with the fast pace of the motor industry we may be late in updating this website. Always refer to our dealership sales team for the current price effective on your date of purchase.

Terms referenced for Retail Price (Our Business Partners terminology)
  • RSP^ Recommended Sale Price
  • MMRP^
  • MRP^ Maximum Retail Price

On Road Charges

New & Demonstrator On road costs consist of WOF, 12 months registration, a full tank of fuel and RUC (where applicable)

On-road costs, do vary per location, type and brand. This is due to overhead costs of each location and the brand’s guide.

All prices of vehicles are listed excluding On Road Charges, due to this variance, always refer to our dealership sales team for the current price effective on your date of purchase.

Clean Car Programme

The Clean Car Programme (inclusive of rebates and fees) applies to vehicles registered in New Zealand from 1 April 2022. Any second and subsequent registrations will not incur a fee or be eligible for a rebate. The Clean Car rebate/fee will be based on a vehicle’s CO2 emissions. Vehicles with zero or low emissions will qualify for a rebate and with high emissions will incur a fee. To be eligible for a rebate, a vehicle must cost less than $80,000, including GST and on-road costs, and have a safety rating of 3-stars. The emission value of a vehicle is calculated according to the Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Efficiency and Emissions Data 2022.

The Clean Car Programme is operated by Waka Kotahi and is independent of Ingham.

Clean Car Rebate/Fee and Vehicle Price changes may vary to those listed due to changes implemented by Waka Kotahi.

Clean Car Rebates can be requested by the vehicles first registered owner APPLY HERE

Clean Car Fees are collected by Ingham on behalf of Waka Kotahi, as part of the vehicle registration process refer to for all Clean Car Rebate/Fees.

Additional Charges by Model

All new vehicles have additional accessories available at an additional cost, for purchase and installation. Additional accessories and options are installed by the manufacturer, dealership or sub-contractor, pricing may vary between Ingham dealerships. There may also be additional charges for certain manufacturer paint options. For all additional charges please refer to your sales consultant and your purchase agreement.