Frequently Asked Questions

A few answers to try and help you with your enquiry.

Is the car listed online still available for purchase?

Yes, all vehicles listed online are available at the location detailed.  Some new and demonstrator vehicles are listed as an example only but a similar vehicle can be ordered through our sales team. 

Do you take trade ins? Do you buy used cars direct?

We do offer trade-ins and are in the market to purchase vehicles directly.  Our Sales Managers do need to see the vehicle to confirm specification, condition and mileage of your car in-order to give you an accurate price.  If you would like a price, can we please get your contact details and registration of the vehicle and one of our team will get back to you as soon as they are able.

What is your interest rate?

All our vehicles listed display an indicative interest rate.  This does vary per brand and dealership location.  We also offer “special” interest prices on specific vehicles as they are made available by our brand partners.  Our finance and insurance consultants need to discuss the details with you personally, to ensure they find the best solution for your personal circumstances. 

Does this car qualify for the clean car discount?

Some of our vehicles listed have the car rebate information detailed, our sales team can confirm specific vehicle clean car rebates and fees available.  However you can also refer to to search any new vehicle eligibility. Clean car rebates are claimed by the new vehicle purchaser through Waka Kotahi (NZTA) and Clean car fees are charged as an on-road cost.

I need a service or repair?

When making a service booking we need to have the specific car details in-order to allocate the correct time and technician to the job, and to ensure we have the correct parts. So our first question is to get the registration of your vehicle. We also need to have your contact details to ensure we are dealing with the owner or driver. Once we have this information and your preferred location for service we can check availability.

I have broken down or need to be towed to your dealership.

If you have a manufacturer new vehicle warranty please contact the roadside assist team directly on the following phone numbers as they have 24 hour support. If you have arranged a tow-in to one of our locations please call our service team as they will need to confirm that we can receive the vehicle and check ownership details with you.

Ingham Group Opening Hours

Our website is open 24 hours a day, however, our dealerships are closed during Public Holidays. Any enquiry placed through will be answered as soon as possible.

Roadside Assistance Partners

Can I get the service history for my vehicle or a vehicle you have on your website?

Service history is only accessible to the owner of the vehicle.  This is to protect the owners private details. We will need to confirm ownership details upon request and can forward the service history with owners permission. On vehicles we have for sale; we do include the service book (if available) and can give you an indication of the service history we have access to see. This can be done when discussing purchase options with the sales team.  

Can I get the key or radio code for my car?

To ensure the safety and security of customer vehicles, key and radio codes are only given to the current owners of a vehicle.  Please do not be offended by our team requesting proof of ownership and identity in order to release this information. Please contact our aftersales team for more information.

Tyre Quote request

Tyres are an important part of keeping your vehicle on the road safely and come in various types and sizes. In order to give you the correct pricing we will need your vehicle registration number and the current tyre information. This is so the team can match your current tyres and ensure they are are the correct tyres for your vehicle.

  1. Width – measures the width of the tyre in metric millimetres.
  2. Profile – the height of the tyre’s sidewall by aspect ratio
  3. R = Radial Construction, some are B-bias-belt or D-diagonal
  4. Rim Size – the size of the wheel the tyre is fitted to
  5. Speed Rating – tyres maximum speed and how much weight is combined on the sidewall.

*Please provide the brand name on the tyre as well.

How much is a part?

As you can imagine with the volume of vehicles and parts currently available, the team will need to check their ‘Electronic Parts Catalogue’ and get specific part pricing as some parts are available immediately or can be special-ordered (nationally or overseas) which also changes pricing continually. 

Have you changed your window wiper blades lately?

Help ensure you have a clear view while driving, especially in inclement weather. For a safer drive, wiper blades should be replaced every six months to a year or as soon as you notice a difference in driving visibility. Wiper blades can begin to squeak, skip, smear, or streak reducing the clarity of vision.

Are there any jobs available?

All of our jobs currently available are listed on our website and all applications are processed through this portal.  This is to ensure we review every candidate and ensure we communicate the job listing status.

Is this email real?

The Ingham team is committed to safeguarding customer and supplier information and transactions against fraudulent activities and scams. As a company, we will persist in implementing effective strategies to ensure the safety and security of all parties involved. We appreciate your support in this endeavor by keeping us informed of any concerns or issues. See the policies and processes we have implemented alone this journey.