Protecting our Customers and Business Partners from fraud

Online and Personal Scams.

Business Email Compromise (BEC) is a sophisticated scam targeting businesses with the end goal of redirecting bank transfers to an account that the scammer has control over. They continuously use various means to procure personal information for fraudulent purposes.

To assist in protecting our customers and business partners we have implemented the following processes;


  • Payments for vehicles, parts, services or other items are required in full before the items or property will be released.
  • All finance, bank transfers, EFTPOS/Credit Card payments must be finalised and confirmed by an appropriate member of Ingham staff.
  • All vehicles serviced or worked on at any Ingham dealership will not be released back to the customer unless payment for services and goods-purchased is provided in full.
  • Ingham adheres to all MTA and Consumer Guarantees Act requirements in providing fair and accurate estimates, quotations and pricing.
  • Failed payments, fraud or deception against Ingham Group will be followed-up with a bailiff or alternative legal avenues for debt collection.

Email domain defaults.

  • Ingham only send emails from two email domains; or  
  • Please don’t accept communication from any other email address and when replying to an email address this also states these two domains.

Bank Account Details.  

  • We will not change bank account details unless we can be reassured this has been instructed by the customer or supplier, all care is taken in this process.  
  • Ingham company bank account details are detailed on our invoices and will not change unless a company notification has been placed on  If you are unsure please contact our administration team.

System-generated Purchase Order Numbers.

  • We have introduced compulsory purchase orders, so suppliers can be assured they have been ordered by an Ingham dealership.
  • System-generated purchase orders are compulsory. Invoices will be rejected without appropriate reference.


  • Job offer scams are also on the rise offering a job position with our logo seeking your personal identification details.
  • All recruitment applications are processed through our website. Any offers are completed after interviews where the appropriate job application process is completed with our appropriate management team and H.R team.
  • Job offers are instigated after an in-person consultation
  • Job offers will only be sent from our recognised email domains above; or
  • If you are uncertain if a job offer is legitimate contact

Customer, supplier or employee personal details.

  • Ingham does not send unsolicited messages asking for personal details.
  • If you receive one of these messages:
    • Do not open any links.
    • Do not respond to the sender or provide any personal or financial details.
    • Report it and delete it.
  • If you are unsure if a message is legitimate, contact Ingham.

Further Assistance.

For further protection advice find the following sites to assist you in staying safe;

NZ Police Click Here 

Consumer Protection Click Here

The Ingham team is committed to safeguarding customer and supplier information and transactions against fraudulent activities and scams. As a company, we will persist in implementing effective strategies to ensure the safety and security of all parties involved. We appreciate your support in this endeavor by keeping us informed of any concerns or issues.