The benefits of a PHEV and why you should buy one

20 April, 2022"

The Mitsubishi Next Generation Outlander PHEV

The benefits of a PHEV

PHEVs are an ideal solution to enjoy the fuel-saving benefits of an EV (electric vehicle), while having the back-up of a petrol/diesel engine.

Fusing the zero-emissions technology of an electric motor alongside a traditional petrol/diesel engine, PHEVs present drivers with the benefits and advantages of both alternatives. And although similar to a conventional hybrid car, what differentiates PHEVs – or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles – is their ability to be connected to an external power outlet.

Larger battery than a hybrid

In hybrid cars, a small battery is self-charged through the power generated by the combustion engine and by recouping energy from regenerative braking. However, a PHEV has a larger battery that can also be plugged directly into a dedicated car charger to quickly and effectively recharge the electric part of the system.

The increased battery size gives a PHEV a greater electric-only range than a standard hybrid vehicle. As a result, running solely in the electric power mode, a PHEV can travel between 20 and 50 kilometres. And in some cases, SUVs such as the 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV can cover more than 87 kilometres before the petrol engine takes control.

Go electric-only on a day-to-day basis

PHEVs are an ideal solution for those who want to enjoy the environmental and fuel-saving benefits of an EV (electric vehicle). They offer zero emissions while running on electric power and ample range and performance for the regular activities of the average New Zealand commuter, meaning minimal dependence on the use of an internal combustion engine on a day-to-day basis.

In addition, the PHEV option removes any range anxiety associated with fully electric cars on longer journeys or weekend getaways. Because PHEVs provide the fast refuelling and convenience of a petrol or diesel engine, drivers can approach extended road trips confident in the knowledge that the backup power of a combustion engine is available whenever required.

Furthermore, when run in tandem, the pairing of electric motor and combustion engine in the PHEVs exponentially increases the range of the vehicle for outstanding fuel economy.

Eligible for a clean car discount

As a further inducement to the benefits of PHEV ownership, these vehicles qualify for up to a $5,750 Clean Car Discount. (find out more at the NZTA website)

Encouraging kiwi drivers to reduce their carbon footprint and make New Zealand a predominantly electric vehicle country, the government introduced the Clean Car Discount. This cash-back scheme is an incentive for the new registration of low emission vehicles, most notably EVs and PHEVs. Therefore, drivers who purchase PHEVs can be eligible for a $5,750 cash-back rebate.


The Next Generation Outlander PHEV retails from $60,990 RSP* + ORC and is available now from Ingham Mitsubishi Hamilton, Mitsubishi Taupo and Ingham Mitsubishi Te Awamutu. The smaller Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV is available, priced from $50,990 RSP* + ORC. Both cars are eligible for the Clean Car Rebate of $5,750.

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