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To obtain its certification, a Certified Used Honda must undergo a thorough mechanical quality assessment by Honda, in addition to being originally sold as new in New Zealand.

By opting for a Certified Used vehicle, you can enjoy the assurance of a three-year Honda warranty. Moreover, in case you’re not entirely satisfied with your purchase, you have the option to exchange it at the Honda Store Taupo within a span of three days.


The Honda Certified Used warranty is provided directly by Honda, on a car that we have quality checked, so it is our promise that the car will be covered for mechanical faults or defects for 3 years.

During the warranty period you will need to service and maintain your car through an authorised Honda Service Agent at the required service intervals, and maintain it in an overall good confition*

Terms and conditions*


We know that sometimes you drive away in your car and then discover when you get home that it doesn’t fit in the garage or your partner dislikes the colour.

With any Certified Used Honda, we will offer you a 3 day right of exchange. This means that you can bring it back to the Honda Store you purchased it from within the first 3 days and exchange it for another Honda vehicle that works for you*.

Terms and conditions*


Buying a used car is often a source of concern for people who end up paying a fair amount for ‘mechanical checks’ that are not always thorough. You can rest assured that every Honda Certified Used Car is thoroughly quality checked by Honda.

A 35 point checklist is used to ensure that everything from the brakes to transmission to tyres meet the required quality standard. Only then will the car become a Certified Used Honda.


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