Get a complimentary Peekaboo Car Inspection!

Are you a new parent? We know that becoming a new parent can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re offering a complimentary “Peekaboo” car inspection to help make sure your car runs as smoothly and safely as possible.

A “peekaboo” inspection will check various components of your vehicle and provide recommendations on how to get your car running as smoothly as possible.

This includes:

  • Topping up your washer fluid
  • Checking your lights
  • Inspecting your tyre condition
  • Checking your seatbelts
  • Checking your oil level

And turn off your radio so there are no loud surprises!

Our team of experts are dedicated to making sure your car runs as smoothly as possible and ensure that you have peace of mind while driving with your baby. Book yours now!

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Conditions apply: Bookings are essential. Subject to availability. Not valid for lowered cars or custom alignments. Not to be used with any other offers. Excludes fleet and government vehicles.