Get your Hyundai Winter-Ready

Winter is coming, and even in the North Island they can be pretty severe. It’s a good opportunity to give your vehicle a once-over and get it ready for the winter season.

Exclusive for Hyundai owners, we are offering a 20-point safety check and tune, which includes topping up your fluid levels and checking all your critical, and often overlooked systems that aren’t inspected during a WOF. Read on below for a list of the process.

Winter is especially hard on your car. The cold weather is particularly tough on your battery while the damp weather and cold air can cause brake issues and tyre pressures that are lower than expected. Drop your car off to Ingham Hyundai and we will carry out a comprehensive 20-point check to address the most common Winter problems.

Regular servicing is what keeps your vehicle reliable and regular checks should be done to ensure you don’t miss any crucial issues that may lead to bigger problems down the road. Kiwis spend a lot of time on the road, and its easy to forget how many kilometers you’ve driven in a year. Some of us can put well over 20,000km onto our odometers annually!


Call us on 07 846 8920, or click the link below to have your car serviced by our experienced team today.

What’s included?

  1. Battery health and alternator check
  2. Brake system inspection
  3. Brake fluid topup
  4. Cooling system inspection 
  5. Coolant topup
  6. Oil level and condition check
  7. Oil level topup
  8. Heating system inspection (including deicing and demisting functions)
  9. Vehicle lighting check (both interior and exterior including running lights) 
  10. Tyre safety check and tune (pressure, tread depth, condition, damage)
  11. Torque wheel lug nuts
  12. Washer system function check
  13. Washer bottle topup with anti-icing windscreen fluid
  14. Wiper condition check (optional free installation of fresh wipers*)
  15. Spare tyre air pressure topup and jack/tools inspection
  16. Windshield inspection
  17. Verify correct operation of Smartsense™ systems (Lane Keep Assist etc.) 
  18. Air filter condition check
  19. Cabin filter condition check
  20. Radiator and transmission cooler damage check

*Offer excludes fleet vehicles. Offer available until 30/06/2021. Prices include GST. Special pricing does not include repair costs or additional costs that may be required. Servicing is not maintenance (e.g. replacement of brake pads or worn tyres)