Clean Car Programme 2023

How our range of new vehicles will be affected from 1 July 2023

From 1 July 2023, the new Clean Car Discount takes effect and includes rebates and fees for new and used eligible vehicles the first time they are registered in New Zealand, based on CO2 emissions.

Unfortunately, these changes will see decreases in the rebates offered on Electric Vehicles and significant fee increases on higher emitting vehicles. The changes take effect soon and will impact all vehicles registered after July 1st.

While the Clean Car Scheme is a New Zealand Government administered programme and the rebate/fee levels are out of our control, we wanted to be upfront with our customers now, so that there are no surprises when it comes time to purchase your next car.

What does this mean for your next car purchase?

From 1 July 2023, the new Clean Car programme takes effect and will impact a lot more vehicles. The government’s changes will result in:

  • Customers will receive decreased rebates on zero and low-emission vehicles
  • A number of hybrid and petrol vehicles will no longer qualify for a rebate
  • More petrol and diesel cars that were in the zero band (no fee, no rebate) will now be impacted by a clean car fee

Rebate and fee pricing at each CO2 value

Rebate and fee pricing is based on a vehicle’s CO2 emissions (CO2 grams per kilometre).

– Vehicles with emissions between 0 – 100 (g CO /km) will be eligible for a rebate

– Vehicles with emissions between 101 – 149 won’t be eligible for a rebate or incur a fee –

– Vehicles with emissions between 150 – 345 will incur a fee

The table below provides a summary of changes in possible rebates and fees from 1 July, depending on a cars CO2 emissions**.

Clean Car Discount 1 July 2023 changes

Vehicle carbon emissions*
(grams per kilometre)
until 30 June 2023From 1 July 2023
0 (zero emissions)$8,625 rebate$7,015 rebate
1 to 100up to $5,750 rebateup to $4,025 rebate
101 to 149up to $4,140 rebateNo rebate/fee
150 to 192No rebate/feeA fee may apply
192 or moreA fee may applyA fee may apply
Note: All figures exclude GST. The final amount of rebate paid will include GST, except for public authorities, which cannot claim the GST. To find the indicative rebate for a specific CO2 emission visit Rightcar website.

Find out which models will receive a rebate or fee

Rebates Available 

Electric Vehicles eligible for new Clean Car Rebate




IONIQ Electric

Kona Electric Series II



Hybrids and PHEVs eligible for new Clean Car Rebate

All-new Santa Fe Hybrid / PHEV

Eclipse Cross PHEV

IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid


Next Generation Outlander PHEV

Fee-Free Range

Fee-Free Hybrids

All-new Kona Hybrid

All-New Qashqai e-POWER

All-new Tucson Hybrid


IONIQ Hybrid

Sorento Hybrid

Swift Hybrid

Vitara Hybrid

Fee-Free Petrols





Clean Car Fees

The table below provides a summary of possible fees after 1 July, depending on a cars CO2 emissions**.

Vehicle carbon emissions*
(grams per kilometre)
Used vehicleNew vehicle
150 or moreFrom $287.50
Capped at $3450
From $575
Capped at $6900
Note: figures above are exclusive of GST. The fee (including applicable GST) must be paid to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles at the same time as the person pays for the registration of the vehicle.
To find out the indicative fee for a specific model based on CO2 emission visit the Rightcar website.

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**Please refer to the information provided through the Ministry of Transport