7-Year Vehicle Warranty Highlights Omoda's Launch in New Zealand

10 January, 2024

In an unprecedented move ahead of their New Zealand launch, Omoda has announced that an exceptional seven-year vehicle warranty, regardless of mileage and including roadside assistance, will come with the purchase of every new Omoda vehicle.

Taking customer confidence a step further, the Omoda E5 EV will feature an additional eight-year battery warranty, reflecting Omoda NZ”s commitment to quality and sustainability within their electric vehicle lineup.

Providing consumers with generous assurance backs the confidence Omoda has in the fleet they’re bringing to market, says Sheldon Humphries, Omoda Country Manager.

“Omoda vehicles are at the forefront of innovation, design and safety, but we want our customers to have complete confidence on the road so they can enjoy the driving experience wherever they may be across the motu.”

“We know bringing a new brand to New Zealand is a big step for Kiwis to take, so by offering one of the most generous warranties on the market and the guarantee of parts and roadside assistance, we can show our commitment to New Zealand customers and this market ahead of launch,” says Humphries.

Omoda’s expansion into the New Zealand market follows its impressive global performance. With a presence in 15 international markets and 12,000 vehicles sold in November 2023 alone, Omoda’s global sales reached a staggering 147,000 units in 2023. Their plan to introduce eight models in New Zealand over the next two years is a testament to their global success and commitment to the Kiwi market.

In addition to their warranty pledge, Omoda has proven its dedication to safety. The OMODA C5 excelled in the latest safety tests conducted by the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) in August 2023, earning a five-star rating. This achievement highlights the superior build quality and safety standards that Omoda adheres to, ensuring that their vehicles meet the highest international safety criteria.

With the much-anticipated debut of the Omoda C5 and Omoda E5 EV scheduled for March 2024, the recent announcement sets a new benchmark for consumer confidence and after-sales support, offering an unparalleled level of assurance to those looking to upgrade to an Omoda in 2024.

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