Credit Sale Agreement

A Credit Sale Agreement is simple to set up and you can make sure your repayments are structured to suit your cashflow. And once the last payment is made, the car is yours. The interest rate is fixed for the term of the agreement and If you're GST registered*, you could also claim back the GST.

Finance Lease

If you're buying your car for business, a Finance Lease could be a great option. The lease payments are based on the total cost of the car, less the agreed residual value you'll pay at the end of the term. There are no up-front costs and the fixed installments for the term of the lease will make cash flow planning easy. If you're GST registered, you'll be able to recover the GST on your lease payments throughout the life of your loan*.

Fully Maintained Operating Lease

A Maintained Operating Lease is a business-only finance package and means you can avoid the hassle of managing costs and the on-going maintenance of your vehicle/s. With a low initial outlay and fixed monthly rentals, you can transfer your fleet off the balance sheet and release capital back into your business. Operating Lease payments are normally fully tax deductible* and you can claim the GST.

Non-Maintained Operating Lease

If you prefer to manage the maintenance and repairs of your vehicle yourself then a Non-Maintained Operating Lease is a simple, cost-effective alternative. This option releases precious capital back into your business, increases cash flow and converts your fleet to an ongoing operating expense. In addition, operating lease payments are normally fully tax deductible* and you can claim the GST.


Extending your warranty beyond the factory period can give you real peace-of-mind motoring. Our team can help ensure you are protected against any unforeseen mechanical or electrical repair costs with our new-vehicle extended warranties or our used-vehicle warranties.


All Ingham dealerships can organise insurance policies for your vehicles, with different options and benefits to choose from. Our team can organise immediate cover for the moment you take the keys. Contact our Finance and Insurance managers for an insurance quote specific to your vehicle.

Service Plans

Protect yourself against a possible rise in service costs with a pre-paid service plan. You'll know exactly what you'll spend on servicing your vehicle, how your service plan lasts and in some cases you can even spread the cost with monthly installments. Contact our Finance Managers today to see if a service plan is right for you.

Standard Fees and Charges

For our full range of Finance fees and charges applicable to the consumer contracts we provide please click on the below:

-UDC Credit Sale Agreement (Personal)
-UDC Term Loan (Personal)
-UDC Security Agreement (Personal)
-General Conditions (Consumer)
-Fee Schedule (with dealer fee)

Branded Financial Services

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

Daimler Financial Services

Mitsubishi Motors Financial Services


Kia Finance

Ingham's lending rates range from 9.95% to 13.95%. Rates vary depending on many factors including the amount of lending, the term of the loan, the level of deposit or equity in the loan, customer credit history, and customer risk profile.

Ingham's establishment and dealer origination fee ranges from $250 to $400; fees vary depending on the dealership and the finance company.

Finance terms and conditions together with information about the costs of borrowing, including credit fees, default fees, interest rates, and default interest rates can be viewed by clicking on the links above.

* Terms and conditions apply, see your local Ingham dealer for details.