Mitsubishi Trade Parts.

Our authorised Mitsubishi parts team, take pride in supporting local New Zealand garages and panel shops that work with Mitsubishi vehicles.

Talk with our team about any genuine Mitsubishi part you may require.


Why choose Mitsubishi Genuine Parts.


Manufacturer produced parts are certain to keep your vehicle in pristine condition. Designed to fit the vehicle perfectly.


Genuine car parts are engineered and tested extensively to test they keep the vehicle occupants safe.


Consistent quality and rigorously tested, Genuine parts are made for time endurance.


Quality, fit and finish. each part is designed for that particular car with its usage in mind.





Brake Modulator




Genuine Oil, Premium Performance

Designed to protect the long life and reliability of Mitsubishi vehicles, Mitsubishi Motors genuine fluids, oils and treatments offer the best protection you can buy. Our oils are engineered to meet specific internal engine demands, which minimises common issues such as chain wear.
Our MSL products have been tried and tested for many years and are proven to provide superior protection and performance.
Keep your vehicle running in premium condition by choosing Mitsubishi’s specially formulated oils.

Why Genuine Mitsubishi Parts?

Not all replacement parts are created equal. Using a non-genuine part may take more time to fit,
wear out more quickly, and even cause damage to the vehicle. Every Mitsubishi Genuine Part and Accessory is
engineered, manufactured and tested to guarantee perfect fit and optimal, original equipment performance.
Competitively priced, Mitsubishi Genuine Parts and Accessories offer the best value for you and your customer –
why waste time on anything else?

Parts are listed at RRP (Recommended Retail Price) excluding GST. Varying prices will apply for different parts by model. Fitment and trade prices can be confirmed with your parts dealership team as required, including fitment.