Interior Sanitation & Air-Conditioning Treatment for your Mitsubishi.

From $45*

Revitalise your vehicle by sanitising the air ventilation system

All vehicle ventilation systems accumulate bacteria which can cause damage to both your air conditioner and your health.

Our interior sanitation treatment provides all passengers with clean, bacteria free air and peace of mind in the hard times ahead.

Environmentally friendly

This in-vehicle sanitation is an environmentally friendly, water-based solution that forms an invisible long lasting barrier that actively protects surfaces from the build-up of organic matter including bacteria, moulds, germs and allergens!


  1. Kill off bacteria, mould, germs and allergens
  2. Experience cleaner air through the air vents
  3. Keeps working long after treatment
  4. Affordable & cost effective

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*Price includes GST and covers 0.3hours of labour only and parts for sanitation treatment only. Limited to the sanitation and air-conditioning treatment. Can not be used with any other offer or promotion.