Mitsubishi Motors to Premiere an All-New Compact SUV

3 July, 2023

Tokyo, July 3, 2023 – Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (hereafter, Mitsubishi Motors) will hold the world premiere of an all-new compact SUV at the 30th GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show to be held from August 10*. The all-new model features four drive modes — including a new Wet mode, which is a first on a Mitsubishi model — for safe, comfortable driving with peace of mind in various weather or road conditions.

Ahead of the reveal, the company released a teaser video of the all-new compact SUV and a concept video of the Dynamic Sound, a sound system cocreated with Yamaha Corporation (hereafter, Yamaha).

Teaser video of the all-new compact SUV

Concept video of the Dynamic Sound

The all-new compact SUV is first planned for launch in the ASEAN region, which is a core market for Mitsubishi Motors. Based on the concept “Best-suited buddy for an exciting life,” the all-new model uplifts the owner’s everyday life with its stylish yet robust, authentic SUV styling, as well as comfort and practicality including a spacious cabin and versatile storage spaces well-balanced in a maneuverable, compact body size, and road handling that allows safe, secure driving in a variety of weather or road surfaces.

Taking into account how compact SUVs are used in the ASEAN region, the all-new compact SUV ensures a top-class ground clearance of 222 mm to enhance driver confidence even when handling rough roads. In addition, four drive modes — Normal, Wet, Gravel and Mud — can be selected according to the road condition, and the new Wet mode makes it less likely to lose control of the steering wheel and allows for worry-free driving even on roads flooded by sudden showers.

The four drive modes enable the vehicle to handle various road conditions through an integrated control of the Active Yaw Control (AYC), which improves controllability by adjusting the driving force on the front left and right wheels; traction control, which controls skidding of the tires; engine control; and power steering control.

Equipped for the first time in this all-new compact SUV, the Dynamic Sound Yamaha Premium sound system was also developed to answer the needs of customers in the ASEAN region. Through joint development with Yamaha — experienced in the development of musical instruments and audio equipment as well as acoustic design of halls and theaters — the inside of the vehicle that serves as the listening room attains optimal sound quality enhancement to bring out the full potential of the speakers. The system adjusts not only the volume to match vehicle speed but also the sound quality itself, thereby delivering lively bass and clear mid and high tones even when driving on a rough surface.

”In developing the all-new compact SUV, we enhanced road performance through repeated testing in Japan on a course that mirrored the road conditions of the ASEAN region, as well as thorough, extensive road testing in the region itself,” said Masahiro Ito, chief product specialist, Mitsubishi Motors. “We developed the Dynamic Sound Yamaha Premium with special attention to high-quality sound, so that customers who come on board can enjoy an exciting driving experience. This all-new compact SUV is full of Mitsubishi Motors-ness and attractions befitting a Mitsubishi vehicle, so please look forward to the launch.”

*August 10 is press day, and the show is open to the public from August 11 to 20.

Press Release provided by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. This is not an indication of availability in New Zealand.


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