Quality vehicle tyres.

At our Mercedes-Benz dealerships, we have dedicated tyre technicians and supply a wide range of tyres for all Mercedes-Benz cars. Our tyre department comes with one big advantage – you don’t have to take your vehicle anywhere else. Our Mercedes-Benz Service Centres can look after your tyres, wheel alignment, wheel balancing, plus your service and WOF.

We supply a range of quality tyres for all different vehicles.

We have a diverse and flexible approach to finding you a fit for purpose tyre that is ideal for your car. 

Small Car and Sedan Tyres

SUV and Ute Tyres

Performance Tyres

Off-Road Tyres


Expert wheel and tyre services.

We have dedicated tyre technicians to ensure your wheels are correctly aligned, balanced and fit for purpose.  If your vehicle is pulling to one side, vibrating or you simply need your tyres rotated, get in contact with our service team today.

  • Tyre Rotation
  • Free Tyre Checks
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Wheel Alignment

Frequently asked questions.

How do I know which tyres to choose?

Tyres come in all different compounds and provide many different aspects of use. Our Mercedes-Benz team will take your vehicle’s registration and your main use for the vehicle to recommend a tyre fit-for-purpose. They are experts in matching the correct tyre to every Mercedes-Benz car model with its desired performance and use.

When do I need to change my tyres?

It’s important to visually check your tyres regularly for tread condition and un-even wear. We recommend you re-new your tyres when the tread-depth is down to 3mm. Your tyres should also be rotated to help avoid uneven wear overtime. Contact our team for a free tyre check.


Talk to our Service team about your tyres.