Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts

Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts & accessories.

Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts are subject to the same exacting standards as the vehicles that leave our factory. The experience from over a century of vehicle and parts manufacture is channelled into maintaining all of the outstanding qualities of your vehicle.

Trade, Get-Genuine, accessories and merchandise are all available from our Ingham dealerships as you need.


Genuine Parts

Replacement Keys

Mercedes-Benz keys play a major role in protecting against theft thanks to advances in mechanical and electronic security. If you wish to order an additional or replacement key, please contact us.

Car Care

Gleaming paintwork, shining wheels, superbly finished upholstery…there is nothing more impressive than your Mercedes-Benz in showroom condition.  To preserve this condition, Mercedes-Benz offers a comprehensive range of Genuine Car Care cleaning products.

Mercedes me Adaptor

Connect with your Mercedes-Benz in a new, updated style. With the Mercedes me Adapter and the smartphone app, you can link your vehicle to you and enjoy a world of innovative services designed to make your life and mobility easier.

Genuine Accessories

Complimenting the design of your Mercedes-Benz vehicle, we provide Genuine Accessories that provide solutions for storage, accentuating and freedom; from tow-bars to roof racks. Talk with our team to find what we have for your specific model.

Mercedes-Benz Collection


The Mercedes-Benz Collection features an extensive product range including watches, accessories, fashion, travel and gift ideas.