Mercedes-Benz Certified.

18 November, 2022

Feels like new again.

Spot the difference.

Buying a Mercedes-Benz should always be an extraordinary experience and purchasing a pre-owned vehicle is no exception. So to guarantee all drivers enjoy that exciting ‘new car’ feeling, the automotive powerhouse has introduced its Certified Pre-Owned quality assurance programme.

To qualify for this globally recognised and respected certification, all pre-owned Mercedes Benz vehicles must meet stringent criteria, ensuring they perform to the highest motoring standards. Accordingly, customers love the peace of mind of knowing every Certified car has undergone an exhaustive 118-point safety and mechanical check, possesses a full-service history and carries a two-year factory-backed warranty extension.

In line with their market-leading reputation for excellence, the overarching benefits of purchasing a Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz are many and varied.

  • To meet the programme’s eligibility requirements, all vehicles must be New Zealand new, no older than eight years of age and have travelled less than 120,000 kilometres.
  • Moreover, they must have regular servicing and complete maintenance records, with genuine Mercedes-Benz parts used for all repairs and replacements.
  • Plus, under the extensive two-year warranty, complimentary 24/7 roadside assistance is available throughout the country.

As a bona fide expert across the Mercedes-Benz collection, Ingham Prestige Hamilton Sales Manager Paul Fisher believes it’s the superior quality and protection customers receive that makes this outstanding package so unique.

“Ingham Prestige is an authorised Mercedes-Benz franchise, and most of the pre-owned vehicles we see were originally sold from this dealership; we’re already very familiar with them,” says Paul. “As a result, we know these cars have always been serviced by factory-trained technicians in our specialist workshop, using the correct tools and genuine parts so that everything has been done properly.”

“And for those pre-owned vehicles that are new to us, we look at the service records of each car and only those that meet the requirements of the maintenance schedule qualify for the Certified label.”

Furthermore, the 118-point check performed by the dealership’s highly qualified technicians is incredibly comprehensive and extends well beyond typical considerations.

“There are a lot of positives associated with buying Certified Pre-Owned,” explains Paul. “The 118 is hugely beneficial as it allows us to discover any issues and rectify them then and there. If anything isn’t quite up to standard, this is our opportunity to correct it to make sure every car in the yard is in pristine condition mechanically.

“We also look at things which fall outside of standard warranties. For example, we’ll replace tyres that will pass a WOF but may need to be replaced in the near future. This means customers can drive away with 100 per cent certainty that every aspect of the car has been addressed. And in this way, we invite buyers to ‘spot the difference’ between new and pre-owned.”

Due to this exacting process, vehicles under the Certified Pre-Owned title hold their value extremely well. As such, drivers can expect to receive higher retail prices when the time comes to trade in or sell.

“The retail price of Certified Pre-Owned cars is definitely stronger,” confirms Paul. “Buyers can trust that vehicle has been looked after from the time it was first sold, especially since this certification is only available for NZ new cars, not European or Japanese imports. This level of quality assurance is the difference between purchasing a Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz from an authorised dealership and buying a used Mercedes-Benz from a second-hand seller.”

And the advantages don’t end there. The two-year warranty incorporated into every Certified Pre-Owned vehicle couldn’t be more inclusive. Created to safeguard the customer, it includes unlimited claims and milage with no driver outlays or excess to pay. Meanwhile, the addition of 24/7 roadside assistance once again illustrates the total confidence and support customers can expect from our Certified range.

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