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22 July, 2022

The Mercedes-EQ Series: Your FAQs Answered.

The Mercedes-Benz EQC

When Mercedes-Benz introduced the ground-breaking technology and exceptional design of their Electric Intelligence (EQ) brand, this spectacular range was celebrated as one of their most advanced and electrifying driving experiences yet. 

Since then, the EQ series has continued to captivate Kiwi drivers who are eager for more information on these state-of-the-art vehicles. So we’ve asked Michael Collins, General Sales Manager of Mercedes-Benz Auckland, to share his expertise on the first all-electric Mercedes-EQ in the range – the EQC.

Michael, can you tell us why the EQC has been such a popular choice among New Zealand drivers?
Even though it’s an electric vehicle, the EQC looks like a proper Mercedes-Benz, with an SUV’s style and stance. The build quality and interior are absolutely stunning, and it is exactly the right dimensions for the New Zealand market with plenty of space for the family and a good size boot.

When it comes to driving, the EQC is everything you’d expect from a Mercedes-Benz. It’s a solid, strong, very safe car that steers beautifully, handles incredibly well, rides brilliantly, and is very quiet with almost silent operation.

Michael Collins, General Sales Manager of Mercedes-Benz Auckland, Ingham

What range can drivers expect from this all-electric SUV?
Mercedes-Benz doesn’t over-represent the range of their EQ vehicles and is meticulous about providing accurate real-world figures. So when they report the EQC can travel up to 400km, drivers can be confident this medium-sized SUV will comfortably achieve that distance under normal driving conditions. We’ve even proved the range ourselves, covering 400km in New Zealand driving conditions before needing to recharge.

So the EQC is more than just a daily runabout. It’s also an excellent option for weekend excursions and holiday breaks.
Absolutely. There’s a misconception that electric vehicles are only suitable for inner city commuting, and you need a second car to go away in. However, to suggest the Mercedes EQC is just a town car is seriously selling this vehicle and its capabilities short.

The EQC will get you to your destination wherever you’re heading. Driving longer distances – like those from Auckland to Wellington – are definitely possible; you just need to take an hour’s break along the way, where you can grab some lunch, a coffee and stretch your legs.

For example, travelling from Auckland to Taupo (280km) will use approximately 70% of the vehicle’s charge. So if you stop and have lunch in Taupo, you can connect to one of the city’s public DC rapid charging stations for a half charge. This will take the SUV back to 80% (the 30% you arrived with, plus the additional 50%) in under an hour. And after recharging, you have a further 320km driving range for the Taupo to Wellington stage (a distance of 275km).

How long does it take to charge the battery in general?
It takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes to reach an 80% charge when connected to a DC rapid charger. When at home, or once you arrive at your destination, it will take eight hours for a full charge using a wall charger, which can easily be done overnight.

Mercedes-Benz specifically designed its wall charger box to meet the EQs’ 11 kilowatts per hour requirements. As a result, many of our clients have installed wall boxes in their holiday homes so they can quickly and conveniently charge their vehicles.

What period does the battery warranty cover?
The Mercedes-Benz factory battery warranty is eight years, but that certainly doesn’t mean the battery will need replacing after eight years. The timeframe is just a warranty period, and as you know, with Mercedes-Benz cars, they are engineered to the highest standards, so outlast their warranty. We feel that the battery may well be able to last for the lifetime of the car.

What about the availability? Does the dealership have EQCs in stock right now?
Yes. At the moment, the availability is good. And given the shortages and delays dealerships have experienced over the past few Covid-affected years, being able to come in and literally drive away in an EQC is a real positive.

How do the EQC’s service costs compare to a traditional petrol-powered SUV?
Like all Mercedes-Benz vehicles, the EQC has a free three-year service plan. We ask people to bring their EQCs in annually, but it’s really just an inspection of the brakes, tyres, suspension and steering.

In general, the brakes in EQ vehicles need to be repaired less frequently because the regeneration function from the electric motor means you don’t rely on them as much. And there are no filters or fluids in the motors to worry about, so your servicing costs are heavily reduced.

And finally, what can we expect to see from the EQ brand in the coming months?
It’s exciting to see the EQ range expanding; we already have the EQA250, EQC400 and now the luxury flagship EQS53 AMG, the first AMG* EQ product. We’re also looking forward to the launch of the EQA350 and the EQB – a seven-seater SUV with a very edgy design later this year. Please get in touch with the Mercedes-Benz Auckland team for more information on the Mercedes-EQ range or book your test drive.

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