A moment more attention | Mercedes-Benz presents Awake

14 April, 2022

Sometimes dream and reality blend into each other. Experience the story of a ride between what is real and what is not. The new EQS in ”Awake”.

*Mercedes-Benz overseas model displayed in video. #alwaysawake #EQS #mercedesbenzTV

A short film about the danger of microsleep. “Awake” goes beyond classic advertising films and tells a story from real life. Oliver Bernotat, director of the campaign, got the idea from his own experience on a road trip. It prompted him to draw attention to the issue of “microsleep”. Mercedes-Benz supported the project from the outset in terms of content and concept, as safety and innovations have been anchored in the brand’s core since the invention of the automobile in 1886.

The team were able to realise this short film plus convey a particularly important traffic safety message.

What is Microsleep Detection?

In Mercedes-Benz vehicles ATTENTION ASSIST, is fitted as standard, and can detect typical signs of fatigue or increasing inattention during long monotonous journeys and prompts a break with a warning message. The supplementary microsleep detection is available for the first time in the all new EQS. It analyses the driver’s eyelid movements through a camera on the driver’s display (only in connection with MBUX Hyperscreen). It warns visually as well as acoustically with an additional message. “Microsleep Detection” is activated from a speed of 20 km/h.

Safety first: Mercedes-Benz Real Life Safety

“Real Life Safety” is the safety philosophy of Mercedes-Benz. Here, everyday driving situations in real life are analysed. The comprehensive driving assistance and safety systems from Mercedes-Benz already enable, for example, partially automated driving on numerous types of roads as well as further reducing the risk of collisions. With these intelligent systems, Mercedes-Benz is not only setting standards for innovations in automotive engineering, but is also taking an important step further on the road to accident-free and fully automated driving.

Register your interest to find out more about the all new EQS, which has microsleep detection as a supplementary feature**.

Mercedes-Benz Group Media Press Release, April 14, 2022.

A short film “Awake” by Mercedes-Benz in collaboration with the “Hochschule Fernsehen und Film München” (University of television and film Munich).

**Mercedes-Benz New Zealand hosts all press release information in relation to the New Zealand market. Click here for more information about the Mercedes-Benz EQS. This technology has not been confirmed to be coming to New Zealand at the time of this news post. Refer to mercedes-benz.co.nz for any official information in relation to Mercedes-Benz presence in New Zealand.


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