Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC explained

2 May, 2022

What is Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC?

It is the Mercedes-Benz innovative all-wheel-drive system that delivers optimal driving performance. The benefits of driving a 4MATIC vehicle include:

The benefits of driving a 4MATIC vehicle include:

More secure, more comfortable, more dynamic driving. The 4MATIC system is an unsung hero of any vehicle to which it is fitted. It is the subtle helping hand that makes driving in a Mercedes-Benz vehicle more secure, more comfortable, or even more dynamic, depending on the situation. For example, this feature is perfect if you are venturing off road or heading to the ski slopes.

Optimised traction in any situation. 4MATIC is an active all-wheel-drive system. It regulates torque distribution from the engine to all four wheels, sending power where its most needed. This means traction is optimised in any given situation, whether it is manoeuvring out of a muddy driveway, negotiating the school drop-off, or tackling a winding coastal road.

4MATIC is available in a range of models. The security, efficiency, and dynamism of 4MATIC is equally beneficial in Mercedes-Benz models of all shapes and sizes, ranging from the diminutive A 250 4MATIC to the mighty S 450 4MATIC. Also, several electric vehicles in the current and upcoming Mercedes-EQ range feature 4MATIC as part of their standard specification.

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Original article written by Steve Colquhoun and published by Mercedes-Benz New Zealand.


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