Pedro’s car of the week

The most beloved car consultant on the Shore.

Pedro is an honorary employee at Ingham Nissan and can be seen around the dealership – just look out for the handsome fella getting all the attention.

Pedro has been a familiar face at the dealership for over a year now and welcomes any attention from customers (and staff).

He has recently been promoted to a car salesman, so we thought one of his tasks could be showcasing a car.

If you are interested in the car Pedro is recommending, please feel free to give one of our human sales team members a call, or drop in – Pedro may also be there to greet you.

Nissan Leaf

Pedro is recommending the brand new Nissan Leaf in Vivid Blue.

You have to check out the Leaf in person and you can appreciate why it is one of the world’s most popular electric vehicles. Take it for a test drive and feel the rush of instant acceleration from the 100% electric motor.

This new model is an upgrade on the original. It is more powerful*, so the motor itself develops much more power, 148bhp, and can reach 100km in just 7.9 seconds. The battery is the same physical size as the previous gen, but enhancements and new technology mean it has a capacity of 40kWh for a range of up to 270kms.

The car is packed with safety, comfort and convenience features including a Digital infotainment system, intelligent braking, traffic and blind spot alerts, 360 parking and of course the e-pedal.

Just press the e-Pedal for an instant rush, or ease off the pedal to slow down. Of course, your brake pedal is always there when you need it and you can switch back to two-pedal driving with the flip of a switch. A unique driving experience that puts you more in control.

Charging the Nissan LEAF is easy and convenient. It can be plugged into any standard 240V electrical socket. With a Type 2 charging unit installed, the LEAF can reach full charge in 7.5 hours, so you can charge overnight and start the day with a full 270km of range. You can also use a public fast charging system to charge the LEAF’s battery from 20% to 80% in just 60 minutes – amazing!

Choose from 2 battery sizes, 40kWh or the 62KW if you want an extra driving distance of up to 385km. Either way, we think you will love the Nissan Leaf which is why is Pedros’ car of the week.

* Visit the Nissan Leaf website for specific vehicle details


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