Finance for your new Nissan.

Choose Ingham Nissan for your vehicle financing needs.

Whether you’re buying a Nissan for personal or business needs, we make sure the process of financing your vehicle is as smooth as driving it. Our complete range of vehicle finance and insurance solutions ensures a turnkey experience for both personal and business needs. Trust the Ingham Nissan team to find options to suit you.

Ingham Nissan Repayment options.

Estimate your finance costs with our quick and easy Ingham finance calculator. We offer loan terms from 6 to 60 months, competitive interest rates and flexible payment options.  

Why finance with Nissan.

Vehicle finance made easy.

Our expert Ingham Nissan Finance Managers will guide you the entire process. It’s quick and easy and we’ll explain all your options so you can make the right decision for yourself.

Competitive finance rates.

At Ingham Nissan we have competitive interest rates and finance solutions specifically for vehicle purchasing. We can tailor rates and loan terms to suit your needs.

Everything you need.

We have all the finance and insurance tools you need for purchasing your new Nissan – no need to go anywhere else. We are your one-stop-shop for vehicle finance, insurance and warranties.


Ingham Nissan Vehicle finance options.

Personal Vehicle loan

Experience peace of mind with Ingham Nissan’s competitive fixed interest rates, giving you the clarity of consistent payments throughout your loan term. Our streamlined loan application process is designed to make securing your finance straightforward and stress-free.

Commercial Vehicle loan

Developed for businesses that use a cash accounting system, this type of loan allows you to claim back the ITC (input tax credit) up front via the business activity statement rather than over the life of the loan.

With flexible payment structures to accommodate cash flow changes and a competitive fixed interest rate for the loan duration, Ingham Nissan supports your business financial management, allowing you to focus on growth.

Finance Lease

Ingham Nissan offers customised financing solutions for your company’s vehicle fleet, including variable deposits, balloon payments, and tailored monthly lease rental charges. These options provide the flexibility and fiscal control your business needs, allowing you to preserve cash reserves and maintain your line of credit for other critical investments.

Standard fees and charges.

For our full range of Finance fees and charges applicable to the consumer contracts we provide please click here.