Kona Hybrid Autocar 2023 ECO category winner.

28 February, 2024

Kona Hybrid named Autocar 2023 ECO category winner!

In a year marked by significant shifts within the automotive industry, the Hyundai Kona Hybrid has emerged as a beacon of innovation and sustainability, clinching the title of Eco Car of the Year 2023 by NZ Autocar. This recognition is not just a testament to the vehicle’s eco-friendly credentials but also its overall excellence in design, performance, and practicality.

A New Era of Hybrid Technology

The second-generation Hyundai Kona Hybrid represents a leap forward in hybrid vehicle technology. No longer confined to the urban landscape, the Kona Hybrid excels both in the city and on open roads, showcasing the maturation of petrol-electric hybrid technology. With 265Nm of torque available, the Kona Hybrid offers brisk acceleration and ample power for daily commutes, all while minimizing emissions and maximising efficiency.

Design and Comfort: A Cut Above

The Hyundai Kona Hybrid isn’t just about eco-friendly driving; it’s also about enjoying the journey in comfort and style. The vehicle boasts a refined ride with excellent steering characteristics, ensuring a pleasant driving experience regardless of the terrain. The driver’s seat offers a slightly elevated position for easy entry and enhanced visibility, making it a joy to drive.

Safety and Practicality: Designed for Real Life

Safety is paramount in the Hyundai Kona Hybrid, equipped with a comprehensive suite of active driver aids. These features not only protect occupants but also contribute to a safer driving environment for everyone on the road. Additionally, the Kona Hybrid’s increased size over its predecessor does not compromise its compact nature, allowing it to remain a practical choice for families. The improved rear seat space and respectable boot capacity, coupled with a towing capacity of up to 1300kg, underscore the Kona Hybrid’s versatility.

The Verdict: A Well-Deserved Win

The Hyundai Kona Hybrid’s victory as the Eco Car of the Year 2023 is a clear indication of Hyundai’s clear dedication to more sustainable mobility solutions. By delivering an exceptional blend of performance, comfort, and eco-friendliness, the Kona Hybrid sets a new standard for what consumers can expect from hybrid vehicles.

In a year that saw the new car market navigate through challenges and transformations, the Hyundai Kona Hybrid stood out as a shining example of innovation and sustainability. Its recognition by NZ Autocar is a fitting accolade for a vehicle that not only meets the demands of today’s eco-conscious drivers but also paves the way for the future of environmentally friendly transportation.


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