Ingham Group Introduces Isuzu Brand at Hamilton Dealership

15 April, 2024

Ingham Group is delighted to announce that its highly regarded Hyundai Hamilton dealership has now become a dual-franchise site.

From Monday 15th April, we will be integrating the Isuzu brand alongside our Hyundai marque to present customers with exceptional top-tier automotive solutions across the Waikato. In recognition of this growth and diversification, the dealership will also undergo a name change – and will now be known as Ingham Hamilton.

With deep roots in the Waikato region, this strategic move represents an exciting milestone in Ingham Group’s commitment to enhance the purchasing journey of our customers while paying homage to our 40-year legacy of serving the local community with distinction.

Dealer Principal Greg Renner couldn’t be more pleased to deliver the rich heritage and formidable reputation of the Isuzu brand to our Waikato customers.

“Our decision to incorporate Isuzu into the dealership’s lineup stems from a deep understanding of the varied requirements and preferences of the local community,” he says. “By offering greater vehicle choices to meet the evolving needs of customers, our newly renamed dealership will further solidify its position as a leading automotive destination in the region.”

“Renowned for its rugged durability, performance and unwavering reliability, the Isuzu brand seamlessly complements our existing Hyundai range. With Isuzu’s robust lineup of SUVs and Utes, customers can now explore a broader spectrum of vehicles tailored to their distinct lifestyles and needs. We look forward to welcoming both new and existing customers to explore the exciting world of Isuzu at Ingham Hamilton.”

Managing Director Trent Ingham believes this expansion underscores Ingham Group’s dedication to meeting growing consumer demands, reinforcing the company’s unwavering promise to provide the highest standards of quality and service.

“We are confident that the introduction of Isuzu will not only meet but exceed the expectations of our discerning customers,” he confirmed. “As we continue to expand our dealership base, our focus remains on upholding the values of integrity, professionalism and customer-centricity. By bringing Isuzu on board, our customers can expect an unparalleled shopping experience characterised by remarkable selection, expert guidance, and personalised service.”

So why not visit the dealership for yourself, and let Greg and the team help you find the perfect vehicle for your lifestyle?

Ingham Hamilton
454 Te Rapa Road
Hamilton 3200
(07) 846 8920