Honda Price Promise

27 March, 2023

Honda Price Promise since 2000

Only one price. The best price.

Honda New Zealand first introduced the Honda Price Promise in 2000 as a way of maintaining equity, transparency, consistency and value for Kiwis buying new Hondas. It’s a core philosophy that Honda remains committed to today — a promise to all new car buyers that they will get the same fair price on a new Honda, no matter who they are, where they live and what time of the month they buy.

Special deals, varying discounts, run-out and end of month sales all lower resale values and speed up depreciation.

This is how it happens — a person buys a new vehicle from Dealer A, and negotiates a 5% discount off the advertised price. In the meantime another person has gone to Dealer B down the road or in a different city and negotiated a 15% discount on the same model car. This means that the first person’s new car has just depreciated by an additional 10% before they have even driven it off the car yard.

The Price Promise also means that you won’t buy your new car today and then discover at the end of the month the same vehicle a fair bit cheaper on an ‘Everything Must Go’ sale.

You can also rest assured that you got the same price as your neighbour or your cousin in Te Awamutu — the price does not relate to your ability to negotiate, or where you live.

By offering the same price to everyone, Honda New Zealand helps to protect a new car buyer’s investment in their vehicle. So if you buy a new Honda, the only thing that affects the resale value of your car is the age, mileage and condition.

When buying a new car, the total cost of ownership needs to be considered and this means the resale value of a car should be looked after too.

Only one price, the best price.

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