Popular Suzuki Vitara Hybrid is Compact SUV of the Year

13 December, 2023

Suzuki Vitara Hybrid is the Compact SUV of the Year 2023

The Suzuki Vitara Hybrid has been named 2023 Compact SUV of the Year by New Zealand Company Vehicle magazine.

Launched in March 2023, the Vitara employs a simple, light weight, compact and affordable Hybrid system that is up to 15 percent more economical than the outgoing Vitara 1.4T Turbo while emitting up to 18 percent lower CO2 emissions.

“Suzuki – and the Vitara – continues the tradition of being a Company Vehicle award winner, this time with the introduction of an improved Hybrid system for its popular SUV,” said Sean Willmot, Editor of Company Vehicle magazine. Judges rated the new Hybrid system as a key element to the model’s success while not coming at the expense of Vitara’s “joie de vivre”.

Three versions of the Vitara Hybrid are available in New Zealand, including a six-speed manual JX that averages an outstanding 5.0 litres/100 km fuel economy in the 3P WLTP conversions combined cycle test. The JLX models employ a six-stage automatic transmission while the Vitara’s appeal is further broadened by the availability of an AWD option.

In its latest fourth generation, the Vitara Hybrid employs Suzuki’s K14D version of the Booster Jet Turbocharged engine. This differs from the previous K14C engine in several ways, all engineered to improve the efficiency and lower emissions of the power unit. At the same time the double overhead camshaft, four valves per cylinder, direct injection 1,373 cm3 engine produces 7 percent more torque than the earlier non-Hybrid BoosterJet.

The Vitara Hybrid was the first Suzuki in the New Zealand market to introduce a gasoline particulate filter (GPF) which cleans the exhaust emissions of particulate matter, enabling the Suzuki to meet high emission regulations demanded in many world markets.

The mild hybrid system comprises an integrated starter generator (ISG), engine control module and auxiliary power module incorporating a lithium-ion battery and sensors, and a DC/DC (48 volt to 12 volt) power converter, all with a factory warranty of five years

During take-off or acceleration when a lot of fuel is required, the ISG assists the engine to reduce load and improve fuel efficiency. When cruising the system minimises the electrical power generation or stops it altogether so that the engine can reduce mechanical load and fuel consumption.

Drivers embarking on a combination of town and country motoring can expect the 2WD Vitara’s 47 litre fuel tank to provide a range of well above 800 kilometres, an excellent result for one of the most popular compact SUVs in New Zealand.

This article was originally posted on Suzuki NZ website: Suzuki.co.nz

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