Why you should switch to a hybrid vehicle this year

26 May, 2022

Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid Power Train

Why switching to a Hybrid can make sense

Lower emissions, significant cost savings and exceptional dependability are just some of the reasons to consider buying a hybrid vehicle.

It’s no surprise that hybrid ownership has become an increasingly popular choice among New Zealand drivers, with more consumers buying these eco-friendly, cost-saving vehicles than ever before. Conventional hybrids and PHEVs (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles) actively reduce our carbon footprint. They also deliver considerable financial benefits, proven reliability, and an outstanding range of additional advantages.

Safer for the environment

Hybrid vehicles have a lower reliance on fossil fuels as their electric motors assist in the operation of their internal combustion engines. As a result, hybrids positively address environmental concerns by consuming less fuel and thus, producing fewer pollutants. This resource-effective benefit can especially be seen in PHEVs, which release zero emissions when operating under full battery power.

Reduced fuel costs

Hybrids are extremely efficient, and on a per-kilometre basis, a hybrid can use up to 50 per cent less fuel than gasoline-powered vehicles. Their improved fuel economy means hybrids and PHEVs provide a much more cost-effective alternative, leading to appreciable savings throughout their ownership.

A practical alternative to electric vehicles

The development of electric vehicles (EVs) has come a long way in recent years, making them an excellent choice for many consumers. But for those hesitant about relying solely on electric power, hybrids are an ideal solution. Their ability to switch between energy sources offers drivers the security of knowing they will never be stranded when the battery starts to fade.

Time-tested technology

Although some people may feel hybrid technology is relatively new, it was actually introduced more than two decades ago and has been tried and tested over the intervening years. Accordingly, hybrids are now recognised as incredibly reliable vehicles, with automakers having more than sufficient time to iron out any minor kinks or flaws since their debut.

An excellent selection of hybrid cars in 2022

Whether you are looking to purchase a conventional hybrid or PHEV option, there is an extraordinary selection of models currently available, ranging from small runabouts like the Suzuki Swift Hybrid and Mercedes-Benz A 250e to sedans like the Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid to SUVs like the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV or Kia Sorento Hybrid. The increasing demand for hybrid vehicles also suggests potential higher resale values when the time comes to sell.

Lower maintenance costs

There is a common misconception that hybrids are more expensive to maintain and repair. However, in reality, they require less maintenance than traditional cars. With a greater reliance on the electric motor, the internal engine experiences less wear and tear and may allow you to have longer periods between oil changes. And thanks to regenerative braking, the brake pads experience less friction and heat, extending their lifespan .

Hybrids and all-electric vehicles create their own power for battery recharging through a process known as regenerative braking (regen mode).

Further financial benefits

Alongside the cost efficiency of hybrid vehicles due to their low operating expenses and high levels of dependability, PHEVs, Hybrids and Electric Vehicles may qualify for the New Zealand Government’s Clean Car Discount for a cash-back rebate of up to $5,750.

The decision to purchase a hybrid vehicle is certainly one worth considering, offering sizeable benefits and substantial advantages in 2022. With an outstanding range of models available to suit most budgets, you’ll be sure to discover a vehicle that’s perfect for you.

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