About Omoda Taupo.

Omoda SUVs are designed with a futuristic approach, blending sleek lines and curves to create an aesthetically pleasing, aerodynamic profile. The design language speaks of sophistication and forward-thinking, appealing to those who appreciate both form and function.

At the core of Omoda’s values is a commitment to technological advancement. This includes cutting-edge electric powertrains for sustainable performance, advanced autonomous driving capabilities, and state-of-the-art infotainment systems. Omoda is constantly pushing the boundaries to integrate the latest in automotive technology.


Ingham, a leading car dealership in New Zealand, boasts over 40 years of experience in the automotive field. We are committed to excellence in both sales and services. At our Omoda Taupo location, you’ll experience this along with our extensive selection of both new and used vehicles, ensuring you find the perfect car for your needs.


Ingham – Family owned since 1968.

Beginning as Otorohanga Motors, a successful service center for two decades, the company experienced significant growth after John Ingham took the helm in 1986. This growth led to the establishment of the Ingham franchise dealerships.

The Ingham family still manages the business, ensuring each dealership, including Omoda Taupo, is operated by local Dealer Principals and staff committed to exceptional customer service in the Taupo area.

Trent Ingham

Quality brands, quality service.

We proudly put our name behind our brands, the quality of their vehicles and their premium after-sales service. Our dealerships bring a wealth of knowledge to support you locally.

Expert people.

At Ingham we are more than just a job. We want to provide automotive career opportunities with a diverse range of skills from the workshop to the showroom, through to finance and management.

Everything you need.

Our customer service doesn’t stop when you drive off. Our dealerships are committed to supporting all your motoring needs from expert servicing, warranty, insurance to road-side assistance and tyre checks.

Quality used vehicles to suit all lifestyles.

Choose from a diverse range of efficient and reliable used vehicles all re-conditioned through our authorised service-centre. From small run-arounds, family SUVs, versatile utes and vans to electric cars; we have vehicles for everyone.


Meet our team.

Hugo Richards
Dealer Principal

(07) 906 0210 (extn 8510)
Daryll Fuller
After Sales Manager

(07) 925 6123 (extn 8513)
Catriona McPhee
Finance & Insurance Manager

(07) 906 0212 (extn 8512)
Johnny Bassick
Sales Consultant

(07) 906 0208 (extn 8542)
Garth Martin
Sales Consultant

(07) 906 0209 (extn 8544)
Barbara Johns
Service & Parts Advisor

(07) 378 7548 (extn 8560)
Hayley Draper
Service & Parts Advisor

(07) 378 7548 (extn 8521)
Karl Sullivan
Marketing Manager

(09) 529 3854 (extn 9026)
Christine Donnelly

(07) 378 7547 (extn 8530)