Hyundai Assured Future Value

By opting for Hyundai Assured Future Value, you can drive-away with complete assurance, as you will have a guaranteed future value secured for your vehicle. This not only offers you the confidence of having fixed repayments, but also provides you with three excellent alternatives at the conclusion of your agreed-upon period. Moreover, you have the freedom to renew your agreement anytime, allowing you to relish a new Hyundai on a more frequent basis.

You Decide what comes next

With Hyundai Assured Future Value, you can choose from the following options when your contract ends:


Trade-in and upgrade. Renew you Hyundai to an all-new Hyundai and use the trade-in amount to pay off your loan. If the trade-in valuation is higher than the Hyundai Assured Future Value, you can put the balance towards your new Hyundai.


Refinance or purchase your new vehicle. If you want to retain ownership of your Hyundai vehicle at the end of your contract, simply refinance or pay out the Hyundai Assured Future Value.


Return your vehicle. You can choose to return your vehicle to your Hyundai Dealer. Provided the vehicle meets our vehicle condition guidelines and the kilometre allowance has been met, you have no further obligations.

Drive away with peace of mind, knowing what the road ahead holds.

With Hyundai Assured Future Value, great finance is just the beginning.

It’s affordable – your regular repayments are set and Hyundai Assured Future Value helps you get into a new vehicle for less.

It’s flexible – choose your term and kilometre allowance, and at the end of your term (provided certain conditions are met) you have three great options.

It’s assured – with after-sales care to keep ownership costs low and peace of mind in terms of your vehicle’s future value (provided the return conditions are met).

So, why not speak to our Hyundai team about the details, or visit one of our Hyundai locations, and take advantage today?

Hyundai Assured Future Value. It means confidence moving forward.

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Terms & conditions

* Hyundai Assured Future Value is available on selected vehicles only through Hyundai Finance. Hyundai Finance is only available through UDC Finance Limited. UDC Finance standard terms, conditions, lending and credit criteria apply to any UDC loan. UDC Finance Assured Future Value terms and conditions apply. If these conditions are not met, the option to return the vehicle for the assured future value at the end of your contract may not be available and the outstanding loan must still be repaid in full.