Specialised maintenance for your Nissan.

At Ingham Nissan West Auckland, we’re committed to excellence in vehicle care. Our certified technicians, equipped with the latest Nissan diagnostic tools, perform detailed inspections and maintenance, ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly and efficiently. Experience complete peace of mind with our vehicle care services. Our adept technicians not only perform regular maintenance and repairs but also specialise in Warrant of Fitness (WOF) checks, ensuring your vehicle meets all safety standards. We cater to all Nissan models, providing a seamless and reliable service experience, regardless of where your Nissan was purchased.

Ingham Nissan West Auckland is a certified repair partner for esteemed warranty providers like Autosure, Protecta, AA, and Janssen Mechanical. If your vehicle was purchased from another dealership and is covered under these warranties, you can confidently rely on us. We are adept at managing your warranty claims and conducting necessary repairs with utmost precision and expertise, ensuring your vehicle receives top-tier service.


Full after-sales support.


For all vehicle maintenance needs, from simple oil changes to detailed warranty services, we have you covered.

Warrant of Fitness

Get your WOF done while you wait, or use our convenient Drop n Go service.

Wheels & Tyres

Expert tyre services with a variety of options and precise wheel alignment technology.

Valet & Grooming

Efficient express washes to comprehensive valet services and advanced paint protection.


We offer battery checks and provide a diverse range of batteries, ensuring a perfect fit for your model of car.

Brakes & Suspension

Efficient and advanced brake and suspension services for reliable vehicle performance.

Authentic Parts and Accessories.

Protect the value and reliability of your Nissan by choosing only Nissan Genuine Parts. Authentic components are essential for maintaining your vehicle’s safety, performance, and longevity. Avoid the risks of non-genuine parts and trust in the quality that comes with Nissan’s official components.

Alternative transport options.

Book your service with us and request a service loan vehicle for added convenience. We strive to fulfill your needs, ensuring a seamless experience while your car receives expert care.

If your schedule is too busy, we can help. In select cases, we provide a vehicle pick-up and drop-off service for your convenience. Just let us know, and we’ll collect your car from your chosen location and return it once serviced.


Talk to our service & parts team in Henderson, Auckland.

Stuart Crawford
Aftersales Manager

(09) 442 0520 (extn 2513)
Becky MacPhail
Service & Parts Advisor

(09) 300 0510 (extn 2621)
Haylee Wallace
Warranty Administrator

(09) 442 0510 (extn 2521)
Don Lewis
Service Advisor

(09) 836 1169 (extn 2622)
Sam Khan
Parts Manager

(09) 442 0516 (extn 2514)

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