Enjoy up to 5 years of warranty on your new Honda.

At Honda, we take pride in the reliability of our engines, and continued development. To celebrate our commitment to vehicle quality, we offer an extensive warranty on all new Hondas.

You can enjoy;

  • Bumper-to-bumper 3-year Manufacturer warranty.
  • An additional 2-year Distributor Warranty.
  • Including unlimited kilometers
  • 24 hour and 7 day a week Honda roadside assistance
  • Peace of mind as you hit the road in your brand-new Honda.

Genuine Honda parts and service.

By servicing your vehicle at our authorised Honda service centre, you are ensuring that your vehicle is correctly maintained by trained technicians. It will also ensure that your vehicle is fitted with Genuine Honda parts and meets the requirements of our Real Value warranty programme.

Understanding your Honda New Car Warranty.

The New Vehicle Warranty is designed to replace defective parts or materials and fix faulty workmanship. Whether something is repaired or replaced is decided by Honda NZ Ltd. Defects are repaired for free, including parts and labour, but normal wear and tear is not.

Any part of the vehicle repaired or replaced free under the warranty stays under warranty for the balance of the warranty period. Even if you sell the vehicle to someone else, the balance of the warranty applies.*

The Warranty Booklet explains in detail what is, and is not, covered under the New Vehicle Warranty. It’s important to read and understand this when you buy your new Honda.

If you sell your new Honda before the 3 year Manufacturer Warranty has expired, you can transfer it to the new owner, as long as the vehicle has been serviced according to the Servicing Schedule*.

Honda Assist

Purchase a new Honda to get Honda Assist through your new car warranty period.

As the owner of a new Honda, you’ll get Honda Assist for as long as your car is under warranty – up to five years. That means you get help and information 24/7, plus free Roadside Assistance anywhere in New Zealand.

This can be used if your vehicle breaks down, has a flat battery, or flat tyre. You’re locked out of your vehicle or run out of petrol. Your vehicle needs to be towed to the nearest approved Honda service provider. Damage to the windscreen makes your car unsafe to drive.

Why buy an Extended Warranty?

  • Peace of mind; protecting you from unexpected and costly repairs.
  • Cost savings: you may save money on the cost of the repair.
  • Transferability: take advantage of the remaining coverage. Better resale value.

Varying extended warranty options are applied to vehicles for sale and are available for purchase. All details can be clarified with our sales team.


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*Kms/age, whichever occurs first (full details below). **Subject to your vehicle being serviced in accordance with our recommendations at an authorised Honda service centre.See full details, terms and conditions for Honda New Car Warranty and Honda Assist on www.honda.co.nz. ***Extended warranty providers manage all claims and allowances refer to the warranty booklet for details.*The Distributor Warranty only applies if the vehicle is serviced by an Authorised Honda outlet from the first registered date, for the whole of the warranty period. The Servicing Schedule is at the back of the Warranty booklet.