Kia’s getting a ute - and now we know its name

12 April, 2024

  • The name of the new Kia Ute has been revealed – the Kia Tasman
  • The Kia Tasman will arrive in New Zealand in 2025
  • Tough, practical and functional, the all-new model will build on the proud heritage of Aussie designed and engineered utes

Most people know Kia’s getting a ute, and now another piece of the puzzle has been revealed – the name.

To be known as the Kia Tasman, the new ute will touch down in New Zealand in 2025.

“The launch of any new model is an exciting moment in time, but when it’s something as uniquely antipodean as a new ute, then it’s extra special,” said Managing Director of Kia New Zealand, Todd McDonald.

“We can’t wait to introduce it to Kiwi customers, we’re thrilled to be expanding our new model portfolio with something as desirable as a ute and are confident it will find favour with people who need a workhorse, but also an extremely practical vehicle which fits the bill for weekend activities.  It’s going to be a welcome addition to the Kia lineup.”

The new ute has undergone extensive durability testing as well as ride and handling programmes throughout Australia.

“The new Kia Tasman is renowned as the most Aussie Kia ever, a quality that is equally applicable to us here in New Zealand,” said Mr McDonald.

“It’s been designed and engineered for our challenging conditions, it’s as dependable and reliable as the best working dog down on the farm.

“The Kia Tasman will offer an attractive and viable alternative for those who demand the functionality and versatility only a true-blue ute can provide.”

Registrations of interest will soon be possible on the Kia New Zealand website

Press release by Kia NZ

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