North Harbour Hyundai is proud to partner with Business North Harbour

17 March, 2023

Kevin O’Leary, Nic Tsimas, Ben Yang and Sandra Craze.

Two Hyundai Kona Hybrid’s for Business North Harbour Ambassadors

North Harbour Hyundai are excited to announce their Platinum partnership with Business North Harbour. As part of this partnership, Business North Harbour will receive two Hyundai Kona Hybrid’s for Ambassadors Ben Yang and Sandra Craze.

The Business North Harbour Ambassadors are key figures in the North Harbour business community, working to foster economic growth and collaboration among local businesses. Ben and Sandra are both passionate advocates for sustainable business practices, and we all agree that the Hyundai Kona Hybrid is the perfect vehicle to help them promote these values and reduce their carbon footprint.

The sponsorship of these two Hyundai Kona Hybrid’s is a testament to our commitment to sustainable business practices and our support for Auckland’s North Harbour community.

In addition to sponsoring the two Hyundai Kona Hybrid’s, North Harbour Hyundai will also provide ongoing support to Business North Harbour’s initiatives and events and will be readily available to offer advice and assistance to any businesses that is wanting to upgrade their fleet, or simply upgrade their own vehicles. This partnership will help to drive economic growth and innovation in the region, while also promoting sustainable and responsible business practices.

Dealer Principal at North Harbour Hyundai, Nic Tsimas, is delighted to partner with Business North Harbour.

“Business North Harbour is an ideal fit with Hyundai’s values and commitment to sustainability and business growth”, Nic confirms. “Kevin and the team are extremely positive about everything Hyundai stands for and we look forward to fostering a strong connection with the Business North Harbour team and their members.”