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A powerful V-6, with sexy lines, hatchback practicality, and premium features inside and out.

The Kia Stinger has revolutionised the segment, as a high-performance vehicle with everyday usability, aggressive exterior looks but yet simplistic and luxurious finishing throughout the cabin.

When you hop inside its evident that this vehicle means business as you fire up the 3.3P V6 Twin Turbo you are welcomed with a burble from the quad exhaust system and highly detailed heads-up display not only displaying your speed but a number of safety aids such as blind spot detection, adaptive cruise control, current speed in the area, and turn by turn display for your navigation.

Once you’re on the road its easy to see that the Kia Stinger GT Sport has the best of both worlds which comes down to its sophisticated drive modes which you don’t have to be a Pilot to control.

With its smooth 8-speed automatic gearbox it shifts through the gears almost unnoticeable, but with a simple twist of the drive mode as you select SPORT the Stinger transforms into a sports car killer out performing the likes of a Maserati Gran Turismo S, Lotus Evora & Aston Martin Vantage V8 just to name a few whilst carrying 5 people a set of golf clubs or a number of large bags.

Enough said it’s time to let the Stinger do the talking, secure our last Stinger at an amazing price!

Yours now for $69,990* Driveaway, saving you over $10,000! (Plus NO ORC and NO Clean Car Fee)

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* Overseas model shown in some pictures. Contact Kia Taupo for details on the Stinger GT. At the time of promotion we only have one final model. Internal Promotional Code: #834