Star Service

Packages to best suit your vehicle.

If your Mercedes-Benz is over 3 years old or your complimentary scheduled servicing has ended, don’t worry – you may be eligible for one of our new Star Service packages.

These new packages and pricing are designed to suit your Mercedes-Benz passenger vehicle. With a straightforward pricing list based on your specific model, these packages make servicing your vehicle transparent and easy to understand.

Depending on your vehicle model, you may find the appropriate “A” or “B” service option to suit your requirements+

Executive Service

C-Class, CLS, E-Class, S-Class, SLK/SLC

Explorer Service

GLC, GLE/ML-Class, GLS/GL-Class, R-Class

Performance Service

Select AMG 43, 55, 63 Variants

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Service Inclusions – Star Service items for Essential Service+

Essential “A” Service

  • Engine oil and filter change
  • All engine and brake fluid level checks
  • Check operation of all lights – interior and exterior
  • Checking functionality of the wiper and wash system
  • Visual brake and tyre inspection and adjustment of tyre pressure including spare
  • Check coolant concentration
  • Computer and software check (Xentry diagnostic machine)

Essential “B” Service

  • Engine oil & filter change
  • Washer fluid change
  • Check condition of suspension struts
  • Check condition of steering and tie rods
  • Comprehensive brake and tyre checks (remove and reinstall wheels)
  • Check operation of all lights – interior and exterior
  • Computer and software check (Xentry diagnostic machine)
  • Other additional checks (where required)

+Items not included are an additional cost to owner. If model is not listed, contact our team.

*Terms & Conditions

Offer applies to eligible Mercedes-Benz cars over three years, or eligible vehicles not subject to a current new car service plan. Only covers items covered under published Essential Service offering. Combination filter, cabin filter, dust filter, brake fluid and wipers are excluded and are an additional cost to owner. Offer ends 31st December 2021. Prices include GST and are capped prices. Prices may vary across different Mercedes-Benz participating retailers. This offer excludes G-Wagon. This offer excludes all AMG 35, 45, 53 and 65 engine variants. Other exclusions may apply.