The all-new Nissan QASHQAI e-POWER : Available now (overseas models shown)


The Nissan QASHQAI e-POWER – Discover a unique electrified experience, powered by electric, refuelled with petrol.

The e-POWER model qualifies a CCR (Clean Car Rebate) of $1,923.

How does e-POWER work?

Fuelled by petrol, driven by electric

Discover a new driving experience without changing your habits. Keep using fuel but enjoy the driving sensations of electric mobility as soon as you press the accelerator.

Recharges on the go

You don’t need to plug-in an e-POWER vehicle. The petrol engine produces energy  that charges the battery when the vehicle needs it. The petrol engine produces energy that can either be directly supplied to the electric motor or to recharge the battery. The electric motor alone drives the vehicles wheels giving an electric feeling drive at all times.

Recycles energy from braking

The friction caused by braking produces energy, and e-POWER doesn’t let all the energy usually lost through breaking, go to waste. The regenerative braking system on e-POWER converts kinetic energy from deceleration into electrical energy, and feeds it  back to the battery, improving the fuel-efficiency [1].

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**Availability in New Zealand has yet to be confirmed. All images and video content is international. Confirmation to New Zealand will be made by Nissan New Zealand at the appropriate time. Internal Promo #817