Pre-Appointment Check In

Check-in online for a faster drop-off.

Why should I check-in online?

Reduce your drop-off time by confirming your details
and the agreed work in advance.

Drop your keys and go.

No filling out paperwork.

Avoid queues & waiting times.

Need to re-schedule?

We understand life has foreseen circumstances.
We may not be able to reschedule immediately, but
our team will contact you directly to arrange another time.

You might like to add these extras during your check-in

Wheel Alignment

Longevity for your tyres.

Tyre Rotation

Ensure even tyre-wear.

Fuel System Clean

For fuel efficiency.

Warrant of Fitness


 For compliance.

Where to drop your vehicle

Address: 161-163 Spa Road, Taupo

Entering from Spa Road

Drive straight and park on the right in allocated customer parking with the Service Reception entry on your left.

Entering from Tonga Street

Drive to the rear of the building, turn right at the end and you will find allocated customer parking on your left with the Service reception entry on your right.

Online Check-In

Complete the below form to check-in & skip the wait on drop-off.

This is the time you are scheduled to meet our team at the dealership.
Our customer lounge facilitates complimentary tea, coffee, and wi-fi.
Is there anything else you would like the service team to be aware of.
Our team will endeavor to wash & vacuum your vehicle as requested above, time permitting. Please note this is not a grooming facility. Thank you for your understanding.
Please let us know if you would like any of the above services added to your vehicle while it is on-site.

I confirm that I give permission for Ingham Taupo to complete the work required on the my vehicle detailed above. That payment will be made as agreed for service and parts rendered.

Please advise settlements terms we should expect for work completed by the service team upon collection of your vehicle. Thank you.