Exclusive Duraseal Wash Kit

We created this kit in partnership with Duraseal, our preferred supplier of ceramic coating paint protection systems. It contains everything that you will need to return your Hyundai to a showcar shine as well as refreshing your interior at the same time.

Duraseal Wash and Shine
A unique formula that softens and removes dirt, dust and grime from the paint, ready to be removed with water and the wash mitt. In addition to cleaning, it restores a deep, wet shine to the car that’s compatible with both ceramic coatings and paint-protecting films.]

Ultra-soft Wash Mitt
The huge surface area and microfibre construction is perfect for pairing with the wash liquid; trapping dirt within the fibres while giving a soft contact with the paint at all times.

Large microfibre drying towel
Use this to dry your Hyundai after washing it. This prevents water spots (minerals in water drying onto the paint) while the ultra-soft fibres trap any remaining dirt without scratching.

Wheel Cleaner and Brightener
Compatible with all types of alloy and steel wheels, this cleaner removes with ease the filthy road grime and brake dust that accumulates without using harsh solvents or bases.

Ergonomic Wheel Brush
Flexible and tough, use this brush to get into all the tight crevices of your wheel

Surface Sanitiser
Touch points in a vehicle are some of the most common places to spread germs. Sharing a vehicle? Use the surface sanitiser to clean these contact points and keep safe.

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