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The Kona Electric is our most popular EV model, however one of the main inconveniences is the limitation regular wall outlets have on how fast you can charge your new Kona. Most regular wall outlets only allow for 2.2 kW (2200 Watts) per hour.

To speed things up, we’ve partnered with Singer Electrical to offer a 7.4 kW Terra AC wallbox charger from ABB to anyone who buys a new Kona Electric.

The best part? It’s ENTIRELY FREE!

The ABB Terra AC delivers more than 3x the power output of a regular wall outlet in a compact package. Simply pop your car on charge and enjoy getting fully charged faster and ready to explore or commute without range anxiety from a partial charge.

More than just a power source, the Terra AC is future-proofed and also features wireless connectivity and is ready to integrate with your smart-home. Keep track of energy usage via the dedicated app or integrate it with dynamic load management if you have a multiple-EV household.

Feel confident that your EV is charging safely. Leave it plugged in without worry, the Terra AC features numerous safety features such as overvoltage and overcurrent protection, ground fault protection and more.

This offer is exclusive to Ingham Hyundai and Hyundai Taupo and is only available until 17/05/2022 so get in soon! If you’d like to learn more about the ABB Terra AC, you can read the brochure linked below.

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ABB Limited will be the supplier of the Terra AC 7.4kW 1 phase socket EV charger with Wi-Fi capability, and Singer Electrical will provide the installation service. Customers wanting to take advantage of this offer, must note that a charger cannot be located more than 10 metres from the switchboard and this offer does not allow for an outside wall-mounted or mounted pedestal. Offer is applicable to any new Kona Electric sold between 17th February 2022 to 17th May 2022. Offer not applicable to fleet customers. Offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer and may not be exchanged for cash. Please contact a Sales Representative if you have any questions.