Your next service could be totally free!

These have been tough times, we’d like to give one customer a little pick-me-up. Anyone who has their vehicle serviced during September or October will go into the draw to win back the cost of their service up to a value of $500! 

Whether you’d like to bring the vehicle in for a winter checkup, take advantage of our fixed price services or just get your vehicle ready for summertime, you’re eligible to win! 

Your vehicle’s oil has the tough job of keeping your engine clean, absorbing heat and keeping vital parts lubricated – all at the same time. Old oil, tired filters and extended service intervals can quickly cause excessive wear within the engine, reducing fuel economy and affecting the overall lifespan of your engine.

If you’ve not been for a comprehensive service for a while, this may be the time to have it done. With summer around the corner, bookings will soon be filling up fast. Plus with the opportunity to get your service entirely free, this is the opportune time to book! 

A comprehensive service suits older vehicles. You might be the original owner or you may have bought it used. Chances are that there are a lot of components on the car that will be well past their use-by date and overdue for a service. 

Old fuel filters, intake filters and spark plugs can have a noticeable effect on the fuel economy of your car and are very commonly overlooked items when it comes regular maintenance. Often these components haven’t been replaced since the vehicle left its warranty period, in some cases that means the parts can be more than 15 years old! 

In a comprehensive service we can advise the best level of servicing to suit your specific vehicle based on its age and previous service history in a package that fits within budget. Additionally, we will inspect the vehicle’s general condition during the work and notify you of any major safety or maintenance concerns that may need attention, to ensure you don’t end up stuck on the side of the road halfway through your next road trip!

Annual vehicle servicing is crucial in maintaining long-term reliability, particularly if you have an older car. Whether you have a petrol or a diesel vehicle, we offer basic servicing at a fixed price so that you aren’t paying unnecessary amounts, just to keep your vehicle in good working order. 

Own a petrol? A standard service will cost you just $199 and covers your basic annual servicing needs. This includes your oil, oil filter, a new sump plug and washer as well as the labour involved.

If you own a diesel, your fixed price will be just $249 and covers all the same items, however diesels have slightly more oil volume and heavier-duty filters hence the slightly higher price. In every instance, you can be assured that we use nothing but genuine Hyundai parts and fluids at every stage.

Regular servicing is what keeps your vehicle reliable. Kiwis spend a lot of time on the road, and its easy to forget how many kilometers you’ve driven in a year. Some of us can put well over 20,000km onto our odometers annually!  

That’s why we recommend an annual service to ensure your vehicle remains as reliable as ever for your next year’s journeys. If you’re ready to book your service and be in the draw to have it totally free of charge, the click the link below to contact one of our team today.

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“Win back the cost of your service” is only valid for standard retail customers and excludes fleet and rental customers. This offer is only applicable for services booked for September or October. In the event the customer wishes to change their booking to a date outside of these months, they accept that this may forfeit their entry into the draw. Bookings that need to be changed by Ingham Hyundai for reasons outside of the customer’s control, will be honoured, with the customer remaining in the draw. This offer extends only to regular servicing activities and does not include maintenance or warranty jobs e.g. radiator replacement or otherwise. Basic servicing is offered at a fixed price and covers oil, oil filter, a new sump plug and labour. Comprehensive servicing extends to more complex tasks such as fuel filter replacement, air filter replacement etc. Ingham Hyundai reserves the right to exclude any maintenance items from the total refund. Offer excludes service contracts. If you are unsure whether your servicing task counts towards this offer, please contact one of our service advisors for further information. The total service cost that can be refunded is up to a maximum of $500 and will be given to the customer in the form of a bank transfer or card refund. In accepting the prize, the winner also accepts that Ingham Hyundai may take a photo of them being presented with the prize, and releases this image to Ingham Hyundai for unlimited promotional use without further compensation.  Accounts must be paid in full and charges or work carried out must not be in dispute. Ingham Hyundai reserves the right to refuse to award any prize to an entrant and instead may select a new winner, if Ingham Hyundai decides (in its sole discretion) the winner has violated or refused to comply with any of these rules or is unreachable after attempting contact twice. The winner will be drawn on the 9th of November.